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Over the past decade, Beth Sack-Rogers has taught massage throughout the country and internationally. Her passion for massage started in the mid 2000s while homeschooling her three children. She began to look into alternative medicine and therapies around this time, particularly for her daughter, who suffered from ADHD.

A few years later, Beth moved to Knoxville, TN from North Carolina to attend the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. After graduating in 2008, Beth began practicing in the community and teaching at the school. Beth’s students have come from a diverse background, including Armed Forces veterans, long-time healthcare professionals, career changers, recent immigrants, freshly graduated high-school students, and two of her own children. The team of therapists at In Touch Massage Knoxville has been carefully selected, each for their own unique contributions to the clinic.


Meet our therapists

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Lea DeJarnette

Lea is a licensed massage therapist who studied under Beth at Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. As a former emergency medical technician and firefighter, she brings her medical background and love of community to the In Touch team. She has studied deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and is actively continuing her education. She and her husband adore living in Knoxville and are raising their two young daughters here. Lea strongly believes that pain is not a requirement of life and is diligent about helping her clients achieve comfort.

Beth Sack

Beth has been a massage therapist for over a decade and a massage instructor for most of that time. She has taught throughout the country and in Costa Rica. Over the course of her career as a therapist, she has studied Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Thai massage, Pre- and post-natal therapies, and developed protocols for children with ADHD, Post-Mastectomy clients, and migraine sufferers. She practices several modalities of massage and is a Registered Certified Reflexologist.

Nathan Sack

Nathan is a massage therapist with over 8 years of experience and has been a T-HEC approved massage instructor since 2016. In addition to his work in massage, he is an avid sports fan, traveler, and a career student. He has studied deep tissue massage, stretching, and kinesio-taping, among many other modalities. He has worked several health fairs and athletic events in the Knoxville area. His specialties are sports massage and reflexology.